CSR Advantage

Welcome to CSR Advantage

We are a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) consultancy providing expert advice and support in helping businesses understand CSR, allowing them, and the stakeholders they work with, gain the maximum advantage from involvement.

CSR Advantage helps clients address sustainable growth issues along with its affects on the environment, economy and society. By identifying opportunities and risk we help a business develop and implement its own tailored strategy.

We are able to help a company by providing on going support or work on specific one off consultancy projects. From working with you to examine the current situation and some easy areas of intervention, to developing and implementing a complete CSR strategy.

Explore the links below to find out more about how we can help your business.

Community Investment / Engagement Programs
Overseas Sustainable Development and Purchasing
CSR Strategy and Policy Development
Sustainable Business Development
Stakeholder Identification and Engagement
Environmental Performance
Measurement and Reporting
Business Opportunity Identification
Training & Facilitation

We have a particular interest and expertise in community engagement in the UK and Overseas, but have much wider experience that will allow us to develop from scratch a complete CSR program.